Flights to bangkok from uk : Check-in point Sai Fo, both eating and traveling

Flights to bangkok from uk : Check-in point Sai Fo, both eating and traveling Before going to introduce places, let’s understand foreigners first. Most foreigners who come to Thailand like to come to Thailand because the cost of living is cheap. Airfare is not expensive. and also traveled to nearby countries such as the Philippines, Laos, and China, and saw foreign-looking faces Most of them are not 100% from England.

Farang-looking foreigners visiting Thailand include both Russians and Russians. and mostly Colombia If coming in a group, they usually have plans to travel. Focus on finding entertainment alone, most of them will carry work with them. And would rather stay somewhere for a long time or actually come to travel

Khao San Road (Khaosan Road)
Khao San Road is a prosperous area in the Phra Nakhon district. It is a street that welcomes foreign tourists. Whether it’s a handmade clothing shop And various chains, restaurants, food, bars, pubs, including many guest houses

Soi Cowboy (Cowboy Street)
Soi Cowboy is located in the Asoke area, even though it’s just a small alley. But there are more than 40 bars ever. Most of them are go-go bars that focus on services for foreigners, especially if women or young people go without foreigners May be rejected. Most of the straps are sitting in a bar outside the style, eating a beautiful view, waiting for the rhythm of the talk well.

Chatuchak (Jatujak Market)
The source for beginner-level teenage dating must be here. Because there are foreigners who choose to walk and buy things and have a lot of time to talk while shopping. suitable for acquaintance or dating, where Chatuchak Market has many zones very wide area Can always find things to talk about, there are a lot of activities to do Whether choosing to buy plants, visiting a cat cafe, eating spicy Thai food

Yaowarat (Yaowarat)
Farangs see that Chinatown is the place to taste great food. at an affordable price with restaurants and food on both sides of the road Many foreigners fall in love with Thailand, starting with food.

Thapae Gate, Chiang Mai
Are there a lot of westerners in the North? Many people may wonder. Let me tell you that it’s a lot. And stay together for a week, foreigners who come alone would like to come to live in Chiang Mai together. Including getting a job in Chiang Mai Because there are many companies working for foreigners in production, Tha Phae will be a place to stay. and during the night For foreigners who come to travel, they often go to the Night Bazaar to shop and look at unique handmade items.